Vision & Mission

Using Putonghua as the medium of instruction, we aim at facilitating students' bi-literate and trilingual proficiency. Our school's mottos are: diligence, integrity, trustworthiness and prudence. Therefore, we are committed to nurturing students' balanced development in the domains of ethics, intellect, physique, social skills and aesthetics. We put in our utmost effort to develop students' distinctive potentials, with an optimistic personality, good physique, high-level creativity and esteemed visions, as a way to become responsible citizens who are willing to contribute to the future well-being of the nation.


Students—Proactive and Innovative


  • Enlighten students to understand themselves and realising their potential; develop students' good character of self-esteem, self-love, self-confidence, discern the right from the wrong, and to lead a healthy lifestyle and positive life.
  • Nurturing students to be responsible, care for others, self-discipline, healthy personality and civic responsibility.
  • Guide students to understand the characteristics of Chinese culture, appreciate and carry forward the good traditions of Chinese culture.
  • Encourage students to participate actively in extracurricular activities, exercise their will, nurture sportsmanship, and develop their potential.
  • Strengthen students' awareness of protecting the environment.

Teachers —Rigorous teaching, the pursuit of excellence in teaching style


  • Implement the student-centered educational philosophy.
  • Make good use of various teaching strategies to improve teaching effectiveness.
  • Encourage teachers to participate actively in school decision-making and affairs.
  • Develop a healthy lifestyle.

School —Establishing diligence, integrity, trustworthiness and prudence


  • Well-organized administrative structure and division of labor, so that members of the school can cooperate sincerely and show their strengths.
  • Create a positive and harmonious working atmosphere and build an excellent team.
  • Build good relationships with parents and the community.