Our school uses Putonghua and English as the medium of instruction, allowing students to master biliteracy and trilingualism while improving their communication skills. Subjects offered at all levels include Chinese, English, Mathematics, General Studies, Music, Physical Education, Visual Arts, Computer Literacy, Library and Personal Growth Education. Through cross-curricular activities, project-based inquiry, reading and online platforms, students will be able to develop a lifelong interest in learning through various experiences. Gifted programmes, enrichment modules, as well as small group teaching, are provided to cater to students with different abilities and learning needs, enabling them to develop their potential.


STEAM learning activities and Coding education are offered at all levels to cultivate students' creativity, problem solving abilities, and integrated use of knowledge and skills across various subjects. All classrooms are equipped with fiber-optic networks and electronic blackboards, supporting the use of tablet computers and students' portable devices in teaching and learning.  This promotes independent learning and equips students to cope with the ever-changing information age.