STEAM Education

Our vision

Through a variety of STEAM activities, students can build a solid knowledge base in science, technology, mathematics and art, enhance students' synthesis and application of knowledge and skills, develop students' creativity, collaboration and problem-solving skills, and allow students to establish positive values, equip them for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.


We infiltrate STEAM elements in different subjects, so that students have the opportunity to learn STEAM skills in different ways. For example, SPACE TOWN for P.3 English uses Scratch to make animations, P.4 Mathematics for 3D projectors, and P.1 to P.6 General Studies cooperate with the theme learning activities of the topics - "Magic Shock Car", "Blind Obstacle Avoidance" and so on. In addition, we conduct coding education at all levels to develop students' computational thinking.


STEAM project learning helps students integration
Our STEAM project learning applies the "7E inquiry teaching model":Empathize, Engage, Explore, Explain, Extend/Elaborate, Enrich, Evaluate, those skills allowing students to learn STEAM skills systematically. We also work closely with Chinese, Mathematics, Visual Arts, Music, and IT to enable students to apply STEAM knowledge and skills.


Gifted and Talented Training
The "Science Inquiry Group" gifted training course of our school has been formed for more than ten years. Every year, many students have been trained to participate in science competitions and have won many awards. During the research, students go through the STEAM cycle of collecting data, customizing research topics, designing experiments, conducting experiments, analyzing data, improving, re-testing, and drawing conclusions, and finally develop a scientific solution to practical problems. Through gifted programme training, students can develop their  inquiry ability, innovation ability, and perseverance in scientific research.