Learning English is FUN at SFC!


Our Vision and Mission

We aim to develop our students to be independent and lifelong learners. Learning English is Fun at SFC. We provide meaningful and authentic learning activities for students to learn English which helps students become confident English users.

Literacy Programmes

Reading and writing are the key building blocks in language learning. Therefore, there are two main literacy programmes in our school. Space Town is for KS1 and Keys2 is for KS2.

Space Town

Space Town is an enhanced version of PLP-R/W. It includes shared reading, guided reading, process writing, phonics, e-learning and self-directed learning.

Keys 2

This programme aims to develop students’ reading and writing skills. A variety of authentic books and text types are used in the lessons. Shared Writing and Process Writing approaches are used to help students further improve their writing.

Activities at SFC

~ Penmanship competition

~ Introducing Western Culture

~ Speech Festival

~ Peak Trip

~ Mock Interview

~ Chinese New Year activities

~ Writing is Fun

~ MC Training

~ Rugby Programme from SCOLAR

~ English Morning assembly

~ English Ambassadors

~ Show and Tell

~ Drama Club, etc.