Reading Across Curriculum

Reading across the curriculum


Using the themes of "Green at SFC", "Healthy Positive Living", and "Diligence and Perseverance," teachers from various subjects guide students in in-depth reading and exploration, allowing them to gain a deeper understanding of the reading themes from different subject perspectives.

Subject-Based Reading Instruction

"Healthy Positive Living" and "Diligence and Perseverance": all subject teachers teach students how to read within their respective subject areas, enabling them to read to learn.

Interdisciplinary Collaborative Reading Instruction

"Green at SFC": teachers from different subjects collaborate to select reading materials, establish reading objectives, arrange reading activities, and jointly teach students how to read, enabling them to read to learn. For example, an interdisciplinary collaboration centered around the book 葉子小屋 (Subjects involved: Chinese, English, Mathematics, Music and Visual Arts).